Web Design And Development

Castcraft is one of the leading industry in precision machining , valve actuators , hydraulic actuators. Casftcraft wanted an infographic site for it’s Whitepaper download and Enquiry Section. We used a one page approach for creating a two page mini site -one reprsenting whitepaper of the company and the other page representing company and it’s enquiry section. Yet to be launched. You can see the sneak peek of the website.

castcraft-whitepaper castcraft-whitepaper

Creative Direction | Concept Design | Developmeny

Neha Vavle | Augustin Pinto | Chandan

PPT Stories

Web Design & Development

PPT stories is an custom presentation design service assisting you to design the pitch , conferences and business presentations and seal the deal ! When worked with PPT stories researching and designing various layouts. We chose to keep the design simple across the board. Our first step was to wireframe the pages. Although sites can be pretty straightforward, it still helps to lay the home’s foundation and structure before moving on to the paint and finishing touches.

mobile-stories story-mac

Creative Direction | Concept Design

Neha Vavle | Aboli Vavle , Chandan

Chandan Enterprises

Web Design

Chandan Enterprises is one of the renowned trader in aluminium and glass based in Pune region. Founding team approached us to design and develop their website.We worked with them ,right from understanding their requirements to building the entire user-experience and visual design of the web pages.

chandan-homepage chandan-menu-min chandantype-min
chandan-contact-min chandan-site-min

Creative Direction | Web design

Neha Vavle | Chandan

Sheetal Dies and Tools

Web Design

Sheetal Dies and Tools is an ISO certified firm , which has been manufacturing press tools, fixtures , jigs and other tool room jobs. They needed a fresh modern interface for their Website.We worked together with them from creating wireframes ,focusing on user experiences finally implementing beautiful looking responsive web design. Detailed yet easy going interface helps user surf the whole website easily.

Untitled-4-min sheetal-type-min

Creative Direction | Web design

Neha Vavle | Chandan & Augustin

Aditya LED

Website Design

Aditya Led is a Pune based firm , specializing in manufacturing LED light products for indoor and outdoor lightng for industrial, commercial and homes. They wanted a brand new website to showcase their products. In accord with this mindset, website was developed to showcase, in striking clarity, the
collection of LED product using the image-centric approach.


Creative Direction | Concept & Design

Neha Vavle | Augustin Pinto

Arcelor Technology

Web Design

Arcelor came to us looking for a UI design for their service page . They have their software products they have built, now they needed their website to catch up with their growing audience. To carry this intention through development, Sketchlines design team designed a user experience and user interface for Acelor that showcased the consistent quality and classic design of the firm’s service page.

web design

Creative Direction | Design

Neha Vavle | Chandan

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